Epic180 received an Honorable Mention

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September 13, 2019
Epic180 received an Honorable mention at the Manychat Agency Day Awards for The "Many Award"!

This award goes out to the agency who serves SMBs across a wide range of verticals and use cases.

It demonstrates platform expertise and technical advancement on behalf of our agency partners and customers, with deep knowledge to drive results for the Many users of ManyChat.

ManyChat is the #1 bot platform for Chat Marketing providing an omnichannel solution to engaging customer conversations.

There is a fundamental shift in how people connect with each other. There are over 500 million small-to-medium size businesses and contractors to service, with very little using Messenger and chat marketing.  

Over 2 billion people use chat apps now because we live in a conversational age of marketing. This is not a trend or a get rich quick scheme — it’s a change in how businesses communicate with their customers.

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Richard Osterude, CEO
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