Facebook’s Algorithm Changes Again

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July 01, 2019

Facebook is changing the algorithm once again ( you know, improve the whole user experience).

They just announced two different ranking updates to affect what people are seeing in their feeds.

The first prioritizes friends that the individual user is most likely to want to hear from (based on past engagement) and the second focuses on increasing visibility to the links that the user might find most valuable.

While having more relevant content showing up in users’ feeds sounds like a dream, Facebook’s past algorithms haven’t always been friendly to Pages with their declining organic reach.

Facebook has claimed, however, that these algorithm updates are not designed to impact Pages; they’ve also hinted that if you’re sharing links that your audience will find valuable, it may even help you.

Value really is the name of the game right now in social media, which is why features like groups are so important. We’ll look at this a little more in just a second.

Richard Osterude, CEO
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